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What is “Good Enough” Design?


“Good Enough” Design is my philosophy of art and living.  In a nutshell, reaching for perfection, constantly striving to better your technique and craft, to hone your skill, is what we should all be doing as artists and as people.  Regardless of what you do, you should always try to be better, to do better, than you were/did yesterday.  HOWEVER, we should recognize that this is an ongoing process, and NOT fall apart when we make or do something that falls short of that ideal (as it inevitably will).  

Muslim artists traditional included a deliberate flaw in their work, as a recognition that only God can achieve perfection.  Bloomingdale’s Department Store used to employ knitters to hand-knit very expensive men’s socks, and they were hired with the express instruction to include flaws in every pair so that they could be recognized as handmade.  So why do so many of us berate ourselves and denigrate our work for its imperfections?

I am not saying that if someone hires you for a custom project you fob them off with work you know to be sub-standard.  Set standards for yourself and hold yourself accountable to meet those standards.  But don’t make those standards so impossibly high you will always fail.

 Good Enough is recognizing that while you have not achieved perfection, you have done your work to the best of your ability and you find that acceptable.  Since you learn from everything you do, you know that next time it will be better, but you are satisfied with this piece right now.  It is essentially recognizing that you have reached for the moon, but you are okay to have landed among the stars, to paraphrase Les Brown.


So I am proud to be a Good Enough artist, partner, person.  I keep striving, but I am working on being happy with my present, too.


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