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What is the Tree of Life Project?

On Oct. 27, 2018, a gunman walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh during sabbath morning services and opened fire, killing 11 people and wounding several more. His motivation was to kill Jews, but he targeted this synagogue because they were one that participated in programs helping refugees and immigrants.


The Tree of Life Project is the brainchild of internationally-exhibited and award-winning Jewish artist Darcy Lewis to commemorate the victims and signal the unity of the community. Darcy will be making a large textile wall-hanging of the Tree of Life, to be donated to the synagogue on Oct. 27, 2019 - the first anniversary of the murders. (The first anniversary is the traditional date of when headstones are erected.)


Darcy would like this wall hanging to symbolize the world standing together against hatred. Faith communities around the world are invited to send in a leaf to be added to the tree. Along with the leaf, communities are welcome to send a note explaining why they are participating. All notes will be compiled into an album to be presented with the wall hanging. All contributing communities will be noted and recorded on the hanging, so that viewers may immediately see and feel the global unity that has gone in to the making of this wall hanging.



1. Send in a leaf of fabric or ribbon. It must be stable and holds its shape by itself. This could be a cut out leaf shape on any non-raveling fabric (such as microsuede) or on a thin fabric that has been backed with a piece of fused interfacing (such as quilting cotton or velvet with an iron-on fusible interfacing backing).

Fabric can be solid or printed, any color you want.


The design can be any leaf you want. Use a leaf patterned after a local plant or one of symbolic meaning (or whatever is easiest to draw!)


Leaves should be no smaller than 2" wide by 5" long, and no larger than 8" wide by 20" long.

2. Be sure to include the following information: 

* The name of your community/group.

* Your return address.

* The name of a contact person for the group.

* Anything else you would like to share - a note explaining why you are particpating, or your wishes for the Pittsburgh community, any signficance to your leaf choice, etc.

3. Mail your leaf and any additional information to us. 

(Please contact us here for the address)